Wash That Louse Right Outta Your Hair!

Updated: Feb 10



Lice are the actual parasite that lives on your head and feeds on your scalp.

Nits are the eggs they lay, generally on hair shafts close to the scalp where it is warm and creates the prefect environment for the eggs to hatch.

The empty eggshells also cause irritation and itching.


A cursory glance through the hair will not detect head lice. You are looking for active lice and, also for the translucent eggs (nits) that cling onto the hair follicle – both of which can be quite elusive!

The head lice can hop from place to place on the head while you painstakingly go through the hair area by area so leading to people concluding there is no infestation when in fact there is.

It is best to immobilize the lice by coating the hair in conditioner, comb it though with a regular comb and then fine comb the hair, dipping the comb into a bowl of warm water between each comb.

Section and comb the hair thoroughly with the nit comb. You will soon notice the little lice floating in the water if they are present.

The nits (eggs) are harder to detect as they look like tiny yellow, tan or brown dots before they hatch. Some people even liken them to tiny specks of dandruff but unlike dandruff they won’t move when you shake your head


Our aim is to

1.Kill the live lice

2 ‘Dissolve’ the eggs so