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Baby Colic

Babies cry for many reasons – hunger , wet nappies, etc, but colic stands out because the baby generally is very hard to settle, curls up and looks in awful pain! 
Baby colic is one of the toughest things to handle when you are tired and emotional!
The good thing is you can repeat that mantra ’this too shall pass’ as it occurs in about 1 in 4 babies and they grow out of it before long.
There are many theories on the causes of colic but generally it can be put down to the fact that the baby’s digestive system is just developing and is not able to digest milk either due to a low level of lactase, the enzyme that breaks down milk or simply because its gut bacteria are not fully populated.
The colicky pains are generally caused by trapped wind which really makes the baby squirm and cry. There are products which can help your baby and you through this difficult time.
Gripe Water can cause that wind to be released in one big burp or ‘bottom burp’ which relieves the pain.
Products such as Colief infant drops (safe from birth onwards) contain lactase and thereby aid the breakdown of milk and hence aid digestion.
Bio-Kult Infantis (safe from birth onwards – quarter of a sachet for babies) is a probiotic in fine powder form. This can be mixed with milk or water and given once a day. This populates the gut with ‘good bacteria’ - containing seven different live bacterial cultures plus Omega3 and Vitamin D3 (which contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system).
Other comforting techniques you can try are massaging their tummy, ‘winding’ them either over your shoulder or across your knee – you’ll find one that works best for each child.
The BABOCUSH is also available to order and is a gorgeous soothing cushion system for your baby.
FRP Babocush.jpg
Holding them and whispering soothing sounds in their ear whilst playing classical music can work to soothe both of you.
Come in and sit in our consulting room and have a chat anytime you feel like a bit of advice – we’ve been there and can relate to what you are going through so don’t ever hesitate to ask!
We can also advise on whether it appears to be simple colic or whether we think you should contact your GP or Paediatrician for further help
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