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Treat Your Feet

Massage with a Tennis Ball
If your feet are tired after a long day just sit down, slip off your shoes and roll your foot along a tennis ball or cricket ball making sure to press down hard and really feel the relief in your feet.
Ice Bath
Feet burning after a hot day? Soak them in a lovely basin of iced water whilst you drink a tall glass of iced water and rehydrate yourself for a totally refreshed feeling!
Hot swollen feet? Put those feet in the air.
Keep your foot at the level of your heart – lying on the couch with a pillow under your foot is better than sitting in a chair with your foot on a footstool – try it and feel the difference!
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Foot Problems & Infections

Fungal Nail Infection.

Talk to us about how best to treat this.

Athletes foot can be treated with an anti-fungal cream but don’t forget to put powder in your shoes and socks to kill off the spores causing the infection.

Infection Prevention is better than Cure.

Always use a quick spritz of a medicated foot spray if you have to go barefoot in a public area.

It is better to wear flip flops or water shoes.

Public pools, bathrooms and showers are breeding grounds for gross germs and fungus. 

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