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Check your Blood Pressure

Feel free to come in anytime and we can do free blood pressure checks in our private consulting room
Check how healthy your heart is in-store with our blood pressure test and diagnosis.
What does blood pressure mean? Basically, a blood pressure test measures how hard your heart is working to pump your blood throughout your body.
How is blood pressure measured? When you get your blood pressure test, will ask you to sit own and relax for a few minutes (when your body is calm, you get a more accurate reading). Then we'll place a cuff around your arm, just above the elbow. The cuff will increase pressure, then gradually decrease. The machine attached to the cuff will measure your blood flow and pulse (heartbeats per minute). You will receive two numbers - the first is when your blood begins to flow after the initial pressure increase, known as the systolic reading; the second is when blood begins flowing freely after the decrease in pressure, known as the diastolic reading.
What do blood pressure readings mean? Blood pressure test results are split into three categories;
Normal blood pressure is around 120/80
Low blood pressure is below 100/60
High blood pressure is above 140/90
If your blood pressure results show low or high, we can help you with expert guidance and advice in-store.
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