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HOLD FIRM-COVID 19 Restriction Relaxation 2 Plus

Now that we enter our second week of Phase Two Plus of easing of lockdown restrictions I am just putting this together to remind us of the precautions we all should still be taking to minimise the spread of Coronavirus Covid 19

● We still need to keep our close contacts small , be aware and keep a record of who you meet , just in case it is needed for contact tracing.

● Meeting outdoors is still preferable to meeting indoors

● The 2m distance rule is still in place so be aware of it.

● It is advisable to wear face covering when on public transport or in an indoor location with non family members - eg shops

The bottom line is you should behave as if

1. You have the virus and don't want to give it to anyone else

2. Other people you come across have the virus and you don’t want to catch it from them

3. Any surfaces you touch could be contaminated

Prevention is better than cure

1. When you are around other people stay 2m apart - no hugging or hand shaking

2. Wear a face mask as a barrier when you are in confined areas with non family members eg shops, public transport etc

3. Wash your hands regularly with soap and water

4. When out and about use approved hand sanitisers, particularly after touching door handles, shopping trolleys, credit card machines etc

5. Wear gloves if you are going to be handling many items touched by others - then bin them immediately after use- do not wear them ‘all day’

6. DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE - the virus enters through the mouth,eyes and nose - wearing gloves , masks and using hand sanitiser will all be a waste of time if you keep touching your face



Eat Well- Sleep Well - Breathe Well

Never before have we been so aware that having a finely tuned immune system is so crucial to our health.

Because there is no cure for this virus it is crucial that we keep our immune systems healthy so that if we do come across it we can fight it ourselves

Our bodies perform best when they have enough sleep, are properly fed and are well oxygenated


There are various schools of thought as to how much sleep we all need - the general answer is ‘enough for you’

Sleep patterns can be disturbed by many factors - eg anxiety, alcohol and coffee intake .

You need to explore various options and find one that suits you.

There are many Apps available - my favorite is ‘Calmwhere you can listen to stories, music or meditations which can send you off to sleep - I have never heard the end of ‘Wonder” read by Mathew McConaghy ZZZZZzzzzzzz

Magnesium (found in dark chocolate, avocado and nuts) is not only good for your muscles but also can produce a deep satisfying sleep . You can take it orally( in tablet or powder form), soak in an Epsom Salts bath ( Epsom salts are magnesium sulphate) or use a magnesium body spray up to 30 minutes before bed time.

Many people find Lavender oils or sprays are excellent at helping them relax too.


Eat a balanced diet making sure you are getting a good mix of protein carbohydrates and fats - plenty of fibre too to keep your gut healthy and keep your Immune system healthy

Much research has been done since this virus has landed and the following are proven to boost your immune system

Vitamin C deficiency results in impaired immunity and higher susceptibility to infections (natural sources include -broccoli, green and red peppers, potato and tomatoes)

Zinc is essential for the normal development of cells involved in the immune response. Zinc citrate would be viewed as one of the best absorbed of the zinc supplements.

Natural sources include-wholegrains,milk , beans , red meat and poultry)

Vitamin D has both anti inflammatory and immunoregulatory properties and is crucial for the activation of immune system defenses. (natural sources include - cheese, egg yolk and fatty fish)

Vitamin B12 has been shown to increase our immune response - particularly useful for when a vaccine becomes available. The best natural sources of vitamin B12 tend to be from animal products so anyone who does not eat animal products should consider taking a B12 supplement.

Breathe Well

Our bodies have two energy sources - food and oxygen.

We should do what we can to optimise our lung function so we can get the best out of the air that we inhale!

Aerobic exercise strengthens our intercostal muscles so we can better breathe in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide.

Getting out for a walk or a run in the fresh air reinvigorates our whole system.

There is also a very easy way to strengthen these muscles - simply blowing up a balloon a couple of times a day will give the intercostal muscles a work out - these muscles expand and lift the diaphragm and ribcage leading to an improved oxygen intake and expulsion of the waste carbon dioxide.

This is a great lung work out for those of us that are less mobile.


Our skin is under a lot of pressure at the moment from the use of hand sanitisers on our hands to the wearing of face masks against our delicate faces.

For non medical use the cotton face masks are the best solution , you can wash them in your own detergent and pop them on and off when needed - according to the guidelines for wearing face masks

However if you have to wear a face mask all day for work you have probably found your skin is suffering with dry and sensitive patches and even breakouts

Use a gentle cleanser in your routine. It is also good to moisturise well a few hours before your shift to allow the moisturiser to penetrate your skin

Don't use ‘actives’ such as acids or retinols as they may cause issues with skin that is already dehydrated and sensitive.

Your focus at the moment is to hydrate,hydrate hydrate.

We are all in this together


think of the most vulnerable amongst us

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